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FPCB Innovation

Newflex's technology enables us to create a better world

Always providing the best quality and service

Customer's reliable partner
We promise to trust you.

Sustainability is our competitive edge.

We create a better future through ESG.

A company planning for a happy tomorrow

We will move forward one step at a time.


New Thinking! Better Tomorrow!

NEWFLEX was founded in 1992 and manufactures differentiated
high value-added products in the FPCB field using next-generation materials
and parts for IT industries such as mobile, automotive, and virtual reality.

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NEWFLEX Co., Ltd. is not satisfied with the status quo and is doing its best to ensure that products produced under customer satisfaction management values can be competitive for our customers through continuous research and development and facility upgrades, including the latest materials, design, and process technologies.


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Let’s create,
a better future

Newflex has established itself as a leading company in flexible PCBs,
a key component in the 4th industrial revolution and digital transformation era,
through constant challenges and research and development.

Based on Newflex's expertise and capabilities, we are looking for talented
individuals to advance into the world of top-tier flexible PCBs.